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From the desk of a Sachinist… Blog by a fan of Collectabillia – Manish Agarwal


Well, there are something in the world which money can’t buy….but the limited edition shoes with God’s real autograph is not that at all…if I wanted and had that much of surplus funds i.e. 80K, I would had certainly bought the same long time back since it was launched in Collectabillia, but it was destiny and God’s blessings that I had to win the lucky draw contest from Collectabillia itself and save that 80K for my Dhwani’s (my daughter) future. You would appreciate that every penny counts for ones kids 
I can’t explain in words the amount of inner satisfaction, completeness which I got when my name was announced as the winner of the contest which I had waited, waited and waited so so long…but as said in “better late than never” or “bhagwan ke ghar main der hai andher nahi”…and finally the wait paid off…on a personal note, I didn’t had to wait so long to find my life partner Anamika and get married to her, which happened in just 45 days…
And to my surprise, you guys shipped the shoes the same day you announced me as the winner…in the past by God’s grace I have won a few contests, but have never seen such fast service…for this you earned one extra brownie point from my side…I was in office when the courier was delivered at my residence on Feb 24, 2014 and got a call from my wife that a courier has come…and I knew that “This is it…finally”…but had to wait for at least 6 hours to reach home and grab my hands onto the same…opened the packing and there came the most awaited New Family Member into my small “memorabilia collection”…and wait…then I saw something written on the shoes…it says “007 of 100” – while I would had wanted the number to be read as “010 of 100” or “100 of 100” (is there any scope for exchange 😉 see – Yeh Dil Mange more) which means this was one of the 100 pair of shoes and the number is 007 – so much significance, like 7 wonders of the world, days of the week, etc….oops how can I forget James Bond 007…and yes my email ID also is and last but not the least 7 is also the jersey number of our current India captain i.e. Captain Cool Dhoni 
Sachin has always been my idol at least for the last 15 years to be true and have not seen such a humble person…he has actually shown the world that when one can actually live his / her dreams and see them come together…hats off to his…today also whenever I hear his farewell speech I still get tears in my eyes as whatever he said was straight from the heart…
I infact yesterday received a 200gms Silver Coin which was issued by a Private Jeweller a few months back, before writing this letter.
Thanks would be a small word for the Priceless stuff you have given me.
Once a Sachinist…Always a Sachinist


Boom boom GONE!


Lights, camera, action! The field was set, the colours were out and HOW!  That’s right it was that time of the cricket calendar one of the biggest rivalries in the world of cricket came to life – It was India vs. Pakistan at Bangladesh this Sunday- And sadly for us, it was weekend ruined!

While all traffic across the country came to a halt and Facebook and Twitter started trending with #IndVsPak, our bowlers witnessed some ‘boom-boom’ fireworks, Shahid Afridi style- not the kinds we were hoping for though, especially as the last two sixes almost brought a certain finger belonging to Mr. Kohli out! 

With Rohit Sharma giving his two-minute noodles a miss and scoring a half century, and a certain Mr. Rayadu also stepping up, we posted quite a modest total- 245, Yeah, modest if you are sure of bowling line-up; not so modest if you have a line-up that is more favourable to the opponent. Though we took the game to the very last over, we had opportunities to finish it off as soon as Pakistan went on a self-destruction mode- putting up a nine-pin act towards the end.

All said and well, undone, we took the match to the final over. A matter of nerves Kohli’s men had quite a breakdown. Between Ashwin infamously emulating Chetan Sharma to an extent and Dinesh Karthik losing the plot, we gave away the match and let Mr. Boom Boom Afridi become the first batsman to hit 50 sixes against India. Boom boom indeed!

Winning with the narrowest margin ever in Asia Cup- 1 wicket, Pakistan is a step away from finals- the step of conquering the host. As for us, we are nearly there too, there as spectators that is. We need to beat the underdogs of the tournament- Afghanistan with a huge margin to earn that coveted bonus point. The only way to win pull this miracle off- echo of a billion heartbeats!



2008 was a defining year for International Cricket as the Indian Premier League made a grand debut. Smothered with money and all the glitz and glamour that the high-profile team owners brought along, the ‘cricketainment’ began and how! With all big names going under the hammer, the IPL auctions have come on their own and have become the perfect pot-boiler for all ages. Audience verdict: SOLD!

A perfect starter to the main course that IPL is, the auctions, to many, have become more entertaining than the tournament itself. Let’s take this year for example- two days of ruthlessness, of entertainment and of new beginnings.

The flamboyant Mr. Mallya went all guns blazing and lightened his wallet by shelling out 14 crores for Yuvraj Singh. With the highest price tag of this season, beating his ‘best friend’ Kevin Pietersen by quite some crores, the man from Punjab is headed south to play for the Red and Gold Brigade- the Royal Challengers from Bangalore.  So that’s Yuvi, Kohli and Gayle all in the same mix- quite the party starter, hopefully on the field too. As if this wasn’t quite the heart-stopper, one of the biggest surprises, or shocks, came as Dinesh Karthik became the second costliest on the IPL grocery list. Why the Delhi franchise decided to cough up such an amount for the player? Well, a huge part of Daredevilry lies in taking risks, right?! Even players like Rishi Dhawan and Karn Sharma hit the cash register pretty hard- over 3 crores each! Another pleasant surprise was how the team owners showed their trust in buddying and established Indian talents instead of going after international bigwigs, a theory only time will validate.

While these were some of the surprise, there were quite a few shocks too. With the Ranji winning Karntaka team being completely snubbed by the state’s franchise, there were quite a few questions raised. Another shock came as the Sri Lankan and English players were snubbed due to availability issues. How’s this for a shocker: Dilshan, one of the most explosive T20 batsmen: UNSOLD!

With so much money being showered over the sport and players being bought and sold like mere items, the question remains- How much is too much?